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Lightning in colour is that possible ? Blue ? Violet ? Pink? YES !
This workshop will make you discover a new way to play with Color Lightner. A complete range of professional products for artists’ hairdressers who want to unleash their creativity without limits. Innovative ammonia-free products made with carefully selected ingredients. Want to achieve the best hair results & save time? Come play with us and discover ORASplash concept, you will be amazed!


Martyne Léonard


Martyne Léonard has been passionate about hair and fashion since childhood. Originally trained as a preschool teacher, she decided in 1998 to live off her passion and went back to school to learn the profession of a hairstylist/makeup artist. Unfortunately, during her training, she strongly reacted to ammonia, an essential ingredient in the field of coloring at the time. Determined to reach her goal despite everything, she searched and discovered a range of high-performance products that didn’t contain harmful elements to her health, such as ammonia. She decided to focus on this range and quickly learned the special technicality of it. She became a trainer, educator, director of education, and finally director of innovation. These positions have allowed her to share and learn with many hairstylists in more than twenty countries in America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Oceania. Her dynamism, her ability to teach, her availability, her desire to share her passion makes her a contagious ambassador who makes you believe that you can surpass yourself and leave your comfort zone. For her, education is sharing with someone what you have learned from someone else!

Today, surrounded by an extraordinary team of professionals and after several years of research, she is proud to have the privilege of developing: LAKADÉMIE signée Martyne Léonard. Her mission is to share with continuing education and to develop environmental beauty products reserved only for beauty salons. She proposes a unique approach in coloring that brings your “in creation mode” up to 100%. MY INFINIT ORA Martyne invites you to discover and share her universe.