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Whether it is a hard wax, film wax or strip wax, our premium waxes will help you save time and money in the waxing room and give your clients a better experience. Caronlab’s award winning waxes are unlike other waxes on the market. Come see what all the buzz is about. Our signature techniques offer more comfort for you and your clients. We call it a “Waxperience”, and your clients will notice.


Lindsay Moore


I’ve been an esthetician for over 25 years, and I’m located in Southern Ontario. I was extremely fortunate to find my passion early on for the spa industry with an extra special liking for hair removal of all kinds. I still consider it a privilege that I have the ability to help people obtain great skin, enjoy relaxing spa experiences, and, of course, become smooth and hair free. Now, with a few years under my belt, it is my pleasure to impart some wisdom, educate and share some tricks and trade secrets that I’ve learned with other spa industry enthusiasts while continuing to learn as I go.