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Join renowned elite Bellami Pro Educator and Love’s In The Hair Extension Studio, Miranda Furtado for a look and learn experience on the basics of hair extensions. This introductory course will guide you through the process of choosing the right method for your guests, taking into account their individual needs and preferences. You’ll also learn about the benefits of offering hair extensions as a service, including how to increase revenue and expand your client base in a Look and Learn environment. Whether you’re a new stylist or an experienced professional looking to add extensions to your services, this course is perfect for you.


Meet Miranda Furtado, a hair visionary and education powerhouse with 16 years in the beauty industry. Her expertise in hair extensions has made her a go-to stylist for the most discerning clients, including A-list celebrities. But Miranda’s influence extends far beyond her salon. As an elite educator for Bellami Hair Pro, one of the world’s largest hair extension brands, she is dedicated to sharing her wealth of knowledge and skills with others in the industry. With her unrivaled passion for hair and commitment to education, Miranda is helping to raise the bar and set a new standard in the world of hair extensions. Whether working with clients or sharing her insights with fellow stylists, Miranda aims to empower and inspire others to achieve their full potential and create stunning, head-turning hair.