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In today’s competitive landscape, it’s no longer an option – it’s a necessity for businesses like yours to establish a strong presence on TikTok. 
In this class, you will learn :

  • How the TikTok Algorithm Works
  • Trends to Follow on TikTok
  • Key Platform Features
  • Popular Content Formats


Christelle Serei


Graduated from the University of Montreal, I was thrust into the web world from the very beginning and discovered a passion for it. 

Working in web agencies and within my own agency for over 10 years. So, fast forward to today, I proudly boast over 22 years of adorable marketing experience exclusively tailored for small businesses.

It’s through my clients and my own experiences that I share my strengths with you.

My role is to help you grow your business by leveraging strategies tailored to entrepreneurs and small businesses, while also educating and empowering my clients to become self-sufficient. Through individual or group coaching and training, my mission is to enable you to achieve significant projects while respecting your goals and your reality!

My marketing and social media training are crucial, as they allow you to have better control over your marketing operations, to better understand the reach of digital media, and to outperform your competition! Are you ready to take control of your marketing and elevate your business?